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Industrial Buildings and Warehouses in Miami

We specialize in industrial buildings and offer tailored services for Miami's investors, property owners, and occupiers. Our services encompass buying, selling, leasing, and managing industrial buildings.

Warehouses and Industrial Services in Miami

Industrial Investors

With our expertise in the Miami industrial real estate market, we can help you identify the best investment opportunities and provide tailored solutions for buying and dispositioning industrial properties.

Industrial Property Owners

Our property management services cater to industrial property owners in Miami and cover tenant screening, lease negotiation, rent collection, and property maintenance, designed to help you maximize your ROI.

Industrial Property Occupiers

We offer tailored solutions for industrial property occupiers in Miami and assist them with site selection, lease negotiation, and transaction management services for smooth and efficient operations.

Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
Investor Services

Our industrial real estate experts in Miami provide various services for industrial property investors and owners, such as investment advisory, landlord representation, leasing, property management, valuation and advisory, capital markets, and selling assets. Our team of industrial real estate experts has extensive market knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive solutions for each client.

Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
Occupier Services

We understand that industrial property occupiers have unique needs and requirements when finding and leasing a property. That’s why we provide personalized services to assist occupiers in making informed choices, such as site selection and location strategy, transaction management, tenant representation, subleasing, sale-leaseback, lease negotiation, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Industrial Buildings & Warehouses in South Florida

1. What types of industrial properties do you specialize in?

Our area of expertise is focused on industrial property types such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and flex spaces.

2. How do you assess the worth of an industrial property?

We use various methods such as market analysis, comparable sales, and income approaches to evaluate the value of the industrial property.

3. What is sale-leaseback, and how does it work for industrial property owners?

A sale-leaseback is a financial arrangement where an industrial property owner sells their property to a buyer and rents it back. It makes the property owner the tenant who pays rent to the buyer, who becomes the landlord. The goal of the sale-leaseback is to allow industrial property owners to access capital that is tied up in the property while still being able to operate their business in the same location. We can help you in finding a buyer for your industrial property who can offer a favorable rental agreement if you're interested in a sale-leaseback transaction.

4. What is landlord representation, and why is it essential for industrial property owners?

Our landlord representation service involves acting as an agent for property owners, assisting them in leasing or selling their industrial properties. We utilize various services such as marketing the property, identifying potential tenants, negotiating lease terms, and finalizing lease agreements. In addition, industrial property owners can benefit significantly from this service, boosting their rental income and occupancy rates while reducing vacancies. Additionally, we offer expert guidance on market trends, rental fees, and tenant preferences, enabling property owners to make informed choices about their property.

5. What is property management, and why is it essential for industrial property owners?

Managing a property involves overseeing its upkeep, handling tenant concerns, collecting rent, negotiating leases, creating financial reports, and other tasks related to industrial properties. In addition, good property management is essential for industrial property owners to optimize usage, keep tenants happy, and maintain profitability in the long term.

6. Can you help with financing for industrial properties?

We can assist clients in obtaining financing for their industrial properties by leveraging our connections with multiple lenders.

7. What is a build-to-suit property, and can you help me find one?

A build-to-suit property is a property that is designed and constructed according to the user's unique requirements, such as a customized layout and specialized equipment. We can help you find suitable properties for building and guide you through the development process to ensure that the property meets your unique needs.

8. Can you help me find industrial properties for sale or lease in specific areas of Miami?

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the Miami industrial property market and can assist you with selecting and strategizing your property's location in any Miami area. Additionally, we can share valuable insights on zoning regulations, labor availability, transportation infrastructure, and other factors to help you make informed location decisions for your industrial property.

9. What is a lease negotiation, and how can you help me with it?

Lease negotiation is discussing and reaching an agreement on the details and requirements of a lease for an industrial property between the landlord and tenant. We can assist you in negotiating favorable lease terms by representing your interests, conducting market research to determine fair lease rates, and providing guidance throughout the negotiation process with our team of experts.

10. What is tenant representation, and why is it essential for industrial property occupiers?

Tenant representation is a service that assists industrial property occupiers in locating the appropriate space to meet their business requirements. Our team will collaborate with you to comprehend your distinct demands and assist you in finding properties that fit those criteria. Additionally, we will aid you in negotiating lease agreements and confirming that the property satisfies your operational needs.

11. What is the typical lease term for industrial properties?

Lease terms for industrial properties are not standardized and can differ depending on property location, market conditions, and tenant requirements. Typically, industrial property leases are for 3 to 10 years, and there may be provisions for renewal.

12. What is subleasing, and how does it work for industrial property occupiers?

Subleasing is when a tenant rents out some of the space they leased to someone else. It is useful for tenants who have extra space they don't need or want to lower their lease costs in industrial properties. Our team can help you find suitable subtenants and negotiate favorable sublease terms. We will perform market research to determine a fair sublease rate, advertise your property to potential subtenants, and manage the entire subleasing process to protect your interests.

13. Can you explain the difference between gross and net leases?

In a gross lease, all property expenses, such as taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs, are included in a fixed amount paid by the tenant. Whereas, in a net lease, the tenant has to pay additional costs for property taxes, insurance, and maintenance, but the base rent is lower. We can assist you in analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of different lease options and identifying which one suits your requirements the most.

14. What is an industrial park, and how does it differ from a standalone industrial property?

An industrial park is a collection of industrial properties in a designated area of varying sizes and types, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. Industrial parks are designed to provide shared amenities and infrastructure, like roads, utilities, and security, to increase the efficiency and productivity of tenants. In contrast, a standalone industrial property is a single facility owned and operated by one company.

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